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Quran Kareem Complete Text Dowload for Office 2010 and Inpage 3

Quran Kareem Complete Text Dowload for Office 2010 and Inpage 3

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  • Create Date January 21, 2019
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27 thoughts on “Quran Kareem Complete Text Dowload for Office 2010 and Inpage 3”

  1. Salaams

    Unfortunately, the video is in Urdu, so, not all Muslims can benefit. I wish you added English transcripts.

    Can you pls send me a brief instruction as to how to install Arabic scripts?
    Jazak Allah Khair.

    1. عطاء رفیع

      Thanks for the comment.
      This video deals with only Quran script that is used in Pakistan and India. It’s somehow different in text font. and this script is not very popular in arab and/or other countries.
      pakistani Quran script is mostly found in .docx file format, and there are hundreds of pages. That would definitely take a lot of time to load in Microsoft Word. I have come up with a unique andsimple method.
      So this is just a xml document and a Quran font. Install the font and open xml document in any browser. Now you can copy and paste the script to a word document according to need. That’s it. This was to help the Urdu typists, to get quran script as quick as possible.

  2. As salaam alaikum.
    Is this Quranic text verified. What is the source of this text. In my knowledge has the most accurate Quranic text online.

    I need a fully verified Quran in indopak font for printing. Kindly advise.

    1. عطاء رفیع

      Thanks for commenting.
      The creator of this text the company of It is a software company based in India. Inpage is widely used in Pakistan and India for Urdu books DTP. A special version of Inpage software is called QPS (Quran Publishing System). This text is derived from it. For printing purpose you have to be more careful and hire registered proofreader of Quran Kareem before printing, though we have been using it in books.
      I can help you to prepare text for printing, whether traditional Arabic with Erab (Tashkeel), Quran or Urdu.

  3. Salam
    Thank you for your share.
    I need to use this text and font on Indesign. But unfortunatlly have been unable.
    Any sugestions please.

    1. عطاء رفیع

      Walikumussalam. Not sure about InDesign. Never used it. 🙁 But you might be able to use it as vector format. Open the document in Microsoft Word, do necessary formatting, and export as PDF, then import it in InDesign.

  4. This is not an appropriate font for indesign. You can use “noore huda”, “Noor e hira” fonts in Adobe indesign.

  5. please check this text number is out of circle why?same in word 2016 & chrome browserاَلْحَمْدُ لِلّٰهِ رَبِّ الْعٰلَمِیْنَۙ۝۱

    1. عطاء رفیع

      Assuming that you are using the correct font, which is Alqalam Quran Majeed font,(find this font in the zip file attached here), Word 2016 often has problems while rendering Unicode fonts. So I’d suggest to use either Word 2010.

  6. Assalamo Alaikum, How can I copy the Arabic text & paste it into the WordPress website. Currently, I’m working on the same but not successful. The text is not pasted with formating. May Allah give you rewards. Insha Allah.

    1. عطاء رفیع

      Walikumussalam wr wb.
      When you copy text from Word to WordPress, you just copy text not font, which results in bad formatting.
      If you want the text to show nice and clean, then you have to embed the font into WordPress website. You can embed a font in WordPress using, for example, using CSS, or you may want to use a plugin to do that for you.

  7. As salam ale kum
    First of all i congrates you that you have atleast done some work rather than just big talk 🙂
    I am working on a website which would be world first website where all 28 languages would be audio and can be listen online the link is its just under process.
    Now To be honest its really hard to find resources to build a website related to quran brother can you please send me or direct me to indopak quran script some where i have downloaded your file its has a htm file rather then xml i need in sql file if possible
    Jzk and please keep it up

    1. عطاء رفیع

      Thanks so much for all you have said about me.
      I have uploaded this file to help typists, this was the only reason. I am not familiar with xml or database files, so sorry man. I wish I could help you. 🙁
      May Allah help you succeed in your project. Ameen

  8. As salam ale kum
    No worries bro i have manage to do it and its uploaded i am still having few issues with it.
    InshahAllah i ll get it sorted soon 🙂 thanks for your reply brother

  9. Assalam o Aalaikum
    I was looking for this Indo-Pak font Holy Qur’an for long time. May Allah grant you great reward. It works very nice and it is liked by the people.

    1. عطاء رفیع

      walikumussalam wr wb.
      I am glad that it was helpful for you. Keep coming. Thank you.

  10. AOA
    Does any one know how can i import this text in adobe premiere cause each time i drag it into time line the text appears to be fine but brackets are not showing properly there its not using able help please

    1. عطاء رفیع

      I am sorry for the inconvenience happened to you. I have shared the zip in your email. Please see there.

    1. عطاء رفیع

      The image you have shared is in fact handwritten calligraphy, this calligraphy is then converted into a graphic art and rest (like borders, page width) is designed in Corel Draw or Illustrator software.
      But, you can use Word, Inpage, or preferably Microsoft Publisher for this purpose. But such result in only be gotten through handwritten calligraphy.
      If you need any assistance regarding this, you can hire me on Fiverr. If it’s a small job, like small Dua, or small Surah, I will do it for free.

  11. Can you please Upload 15 Line Text, every page in separate word file Like page 1, page 2 …. 600

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