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Download Mushaf Madina for PC Version 1.0

About the program:

The publishers and the publishers in the modern era are having great difficulties in printing the Ottoman text (in Ottoman script) in books and publications, and in many resurrections or mistakes in the book of texts the result In the case of the Council of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), there is an increase in the number of proprietors.

You know that KFQPC Quran Complex has release a new version of the software, yet We are uploading this old version again. As this new version cant be a substitute for the old version, and the importance of the old issues (1.0) in the one and only power on the width of the verses that are written only The latest editions do not count the readings, and this requires the restoration of the book of verses, and upon it. The old version is very different from the old user.

What you can do!

1- Publishing and printing of Mushaf Al-Sharif completely without interruption (Microsoft or Macintosh).

2- Adding verses from the Holy Quran for correspondence and personal documents, with the help of the user’s choice for the translation of the text, such as: change the text and the volume of the text with the printed document.

3- It is possible to establish a special feature in the signs of waqf, and the symbol of the party and the part, and the position of prostration.

4- Possible option additions to the Qur’anic text, such as:

5- It is possible to add additional verses with the confirmation in the place of the document, and confirmation in the loan and type of letter.

6- Ability to copy the verses of the Qur’an to the program:

7- The possibility of research on the word or more in the text of the Holy Quran; Do not object to the different positions that are included in this word or sentence.

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