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Professional Inpage to Word Conversion Service

No doubt, Inpage had a bright past and it ruled over a decade in the business. Still a couple of newspapers and hundreds of books are being published on Inpage. But now it is like old school. It failed to give the best features when comparing to Microsoft Word or other competitors.

Why do you need your document converted to word?

It is not a best practice to prepare a document in Inpage any more. It takes more time and energy to thing on Inpage then MS Word. Also, Inpage is not updated regularly.

What includes in conversion?

We will take all of your data to MS Word, perform all necessary formatting. Apply heading and paragraph styles, generate a TOC, manage footnotes, poetry, fonts of verses of the Holy Quran, verses from the Hadith are changed accordingly, etc.

When can expect my file back?

It depends the type of jobs a file needs to be performed. Generally for a document of 1000 pages, we take a week. But when it comes to data type diversity, then we need more time to get the job done.

Inpage to MS Word .doc Conversion Prices

The prices depend on the type of the work we have to do. It simply starts with 0.20 USD per page. This price is for the book with simple text, paragraphs and headings. For complex documents having tables, footnotes, poetry the prices are higher then normal. To get an exact quote please send us your file.